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* Please consult with your Toronto divorce lawyer before making any decisions regarding your ring.
When you decide to take off your wedding ring for the last time, what will you do with it? Will you sell it, have it melted down and made into something else (like a Monopoly counter or little gold pig figurine), or throw it into the deepest part of Lake Ontario?

Once your Toronto divorce lawyer has started your divorce process—or possibly before you even talk to a Toronto divorce lawyer—you’ll need to decide what to do with your wedding ring. No matter what you choose to do, remember that you have to live with your decision. If watching it slip down the commode might haunt you forever, it’s probably a bad idea.

Ask Your Toronto Divorce Lawyer

Your Toronto divorce lawyer probably has plenty of ideas on what you can do with your old wedding ring. Your lawyer has likely dealt with many people who have done something creative with their rings to get closure and begin to heal after divorce.

As long as your ex hasn’t stipulated that you return the ring as part of your divorce, you’re free to do what you will with it. (It’s always a good idea to double-check with your Toronto divorce lawyer before you do anything permanent, like throwing it off a cliff or selling it.)

Closure Takes Many Forms

Many people simply tuck their old wedding rings in a drawer and forget about them, and others rush off to a jeweler to sell them. Still others come up with creative ways to symbolically scrap their marriages through their wedding rings. What’s important is that you do something you’re comfortable doing—but again, make sure you consult with your Toronto divorce lawyer before doing anything irreversible.

Disposal, Burial or Reinvention: What’s Right for You?

If you’ve decided not to sell your ring, but you don’t want to keep it, you have lots of options. Psychologically speaking, you shouldn’t toss it out without thinking; if you do, you risk having regrets. Divorce is a time for reinvention and new beginnings, so planning your ring’s future should somehow tie into that theme.

  • Disposal. If you’ve been dreaming about stopping the car in the middle of nowhere and hurling your ring into a field, then do it. Someday, a kid with a metal detector is going to feel a lot luckier than you do about your ring.
  • Burial. You don’t have to actually bury your ring, but you can get it a wedding ring coffin to symbolize the death of your marriage.
  • Reinvention. Head to a jeweler and have your wedding ring remade into a right-hand ring that reflects your style. If you’re not impressed by that idea, have it made into a trinket instead.

Giving your ring back to your ex isn’t unheard of, either. Let your Torontodivorce lawyer know what you decide to do—he or she may share your idea with future clients to help them get closure, as well.

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