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How Counselling Can Help on the Road From Separation to Divorce

So, you and your spouse have tried to talk and work towards getting along better, but somehow things go back to the way they were no matter how hard you try. Perhaps it’s time to consider working with a professional who can help guide you towards making permanent change – sometimes together and other times apart.

In my practice, I see couples in various stages of decision making and distress. Some couples have struggled for years to make things better but understandably can’t gain enough objectivity by standing back to observe their dynamics. So, that becomes part of my job. CONTINUE

Getting Your Will in Order

Often overlooked during a marriage and particularly when a divorce has been finalized, is drafting and keeping your Will current.

A Will is one of the most important documents a person can ever prepare. So it is alarming to consider how many people do not have one. Those that do have a Will, would be wise to review and update your estate plans no matter if you are just simply separated or absolutely divorced.

It’s important to note that a divorce does not automatically revoke an existing Will. A divorce will only revoke those parts of a Will that deal with your ex-spouse. CONTINUE

Summer Break and Outnumbered

The sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and… you’re not sure where to begin. Between kids, work, coping with separation and divorce, as well as your other obligations, you might feel like you’ll be stretched pretty thin. With the right plan in place, though, you can have a great summer break with your kids without sacrificing everything else. CONTINUE