Housing in North York

When you’re in the middle of a divorce or you’re recently divorced, there’s a lot on your mind… including where you should live. If you’ve settled upon North York, you’re in the right place; we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources you can use to find a new home in North York based on …

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Transportation in Richmond Hill

Whether you are moving to the Richmond Hill area, which includes Aurora and Newmarket, or you’re simply visiting to attend court, you’ll need to know how to get around. There are several ways to get to and from the Richmond Hill area; once you’re here, there are multiple modes of transportation at your disposal. Travel …

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Government Resources in Richmond Hill

Whether you’re new to Richmond Hill or you’ve lived here for some time, your divorce will require you to get access to all kinds of government resources. We’ve put together a comprehensive list that can help you sort everything out, from tax information to setting up utilities for your new home. Tax Information Richmond Hill …

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Housing in Richmond Hill

If you’re a recent divorcé(e) and have chosen to live in Richmond Hill, Aurora or Newmarket, or any of the surrounding areas, you’ll need to know about the neighbourhoods and communities. It’s always helpful to know what amenities are available so that you can make the best choice for yourself (and for your children, if …

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Schooling and Education in Richmond Hill

If you’re moving to Richmond Hill because you’ve recently gotten divorced, one of the first things on your mind is probably, “Where will my children attend school?” You’re not alone – everyone wonders where the school district lines are drawn, which schools serve which areas, and whether there are viable non-public school options available. You …

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Medical Resources in Richmond Hill

Whether you have just moved to Richmond Hill or you’re thinking about living here, you’ll need to know what medical resources are available to you in the area. It’s always helpful to know where the nearest emergency department or urgent care facility is, particularly if you have children; it’s also a good idea to know …

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Government Resources in Scarborough

If you’re a recent divorcé who’s starting fresh in Scarborough, you’ll likely need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to government services. Whether you need to know about taxes, utilities, public schools or anything else that Scarborough’s city government can provide, you’re in the right place. The information here will help you …

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Housing in Scarborough

Scarborough is one of Toronto’s most well known suburbs, so it makes sense that you’re considering a move here during or after your divorce. More than 600,000 people call this busy, beautiful city home. Because it’s so close to the city, you’ll have easy access to everything you need, including the Toronto Pearson International Airport …

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Schooling and Education in Scarborough

As a parent, one of your primary concerns during and after divorce is where your children will attend school. Because there are several districts, and finding the right school can be confusing, we’ve listed each of the schools and non-public school alternatives available in Scarborough. You may also be interested in furthering your own education; …

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Medical Resources in Scarborough

As a new Scarborough resident or as a visitor, it’s always a good idea to get to know what medical resources you have available to you while you are in the area. There are several talented paediatricians, primary care physicians and dentists working in Scarborough, as well as many specialists and professionals from other fields. …

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