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Infidelity is a betrayal of the most intimate trust two people are capable of building. When one partner is unfaithful during a marriage, the wounds they inflict are deep and the scars can be permanent. If your spouse has cheated, you’re probably thinking of consulting—or already have consulted—a Barrie divorce lawyer to help you find your way again.

Many people end up retaining a Barrie divorce lawyer when they find out their spouse has cheated. Since infidelity takes a huge emotional toll on everyone involved (particularly the slighted spouse), it may be healthy for you to end your marriage and move on alone.

The Psychological Impact of Infidelity

Infidelity can deal a shattering blow to the faithful spouse’s self-esteem. Questions like, “Am I not good enough?” and “Have I lost my physical appeal?” can haunt the spouse who’s been cheated on—and those questions can echo for years. Victims often blame themselves, even though the person who made the choice to be unfaithful is the one at fault.

A victim of infidelity may also find it tough to trust others and feel uncomfortable in new situations. After building a life around someone you trust, it’s hard not to feel off-balance when you discover that it’s been an illusion. Remember, it’s always okay to ask your Barrie divorce lawyer for a referral to a local counselor or therapist who can help you recognize the issues you’re facing and help you work toward resolving them.

The Financial Toll Cheating Can Take

If you’ve recently discovered your spouse has been unfaithful, you might feel extreme pressure to file for divorce and move out of your home. While both of these may be good options, make sure you consult with a Barrie divorce lawyer before you make any decisions. A lawyer can explain the basics of divorce, how equitable distribution of property works, and help you determine whether you’re entitled to child support and spousal support during the proceedings.

When infidelity leads to divorce, both parties are forced to make financial changes. A spouse who hasn’t held a conventional job will often be forced to find one; people who are used to living on two incomes must get used to living on one. Additionally, each spouse has to determine who’s responsible for which bills, who pays for child care and how other joint obligations need to be met. Your Barrie divorce lawyer will help you determine your own responsibilities during one of your first meetings, so don’t commit to anything without discussing your finances with your lawyer first.

Cheating and Your Health

An unfaithful spouse causes his or her victim a lot of stress. The constant and unfair stress the victim feels can cause sleep problems, eating disorders and depression. Even if you feel you’re capable of dealing with this kind of stress on your own, reach out to your Barrie divorce lawyer for a referral to a local counselor. You don’t have to call the number your lawyer gives you, but it might come in handy as you ride the emotional roller coaster your cheating spouse has put you on.