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Common Law Cohabitation and Property Rights

In Ontario, common law couples do not automatically have property rights in the way that married couples do. Rather, when you are common law, ownership is strictly by title. In simplest terms, this means that each party leaves the relationship with whatever is in his or her name, and assets are not subject to division …

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Same Sex Adoption – Where Couples Stand

Same Sex Adoption – Where Couples Stand Right now, couples seeking a same sex adoption is more common and widely accepted than at any other time in history.  To live in an era of such freedom and social acceptance is quite fortunate to say the least – a far cry from just a few decades …

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Same Sex Divorce in Canada

In Canada, The Civil Marriages Act was enacted in 2005 to extend to same-sex couples the legal capacity to marry for civil purposes. This was the last step in the long process to enable same-sex couples to marry in Canada… [Read More]

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Understanding Same Sex Divorce in Canada

For more information please read “Same Sex Divorce in Canada” Canada’s divorce laws made worldwide news in 2012 and sparked an international debate about same-sex marriage and understanding same-sex divorce. The source of this controversy was Canada’s Civil Marriage Act. As known to every Toronto divorce lawyer, the federal legislation was enacted in 2005 and …

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