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Liberal MP Proposes Bill That Would Allow Surrogate Mothers and Sperm Donors to Be Compensated

We’ve previously blogged about surrogacy laws in Canada, including the concept of “altruistic surrogacy” (an arrangement in which the surrogate does not receive any financial compensation for her surrogacy services beyond any compensation for reasonable pregnancy-related expenses and medical costs). Currently, commercial surrogacy (i.e. any surrogacy where a surrogate mother receives payment for her surrogacy …

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Canada’s Vague Surrogacy Laws Raise Questions

Surrogacy is strictly controlled in Canada, with limits on compensating surrogates, and correspondingly stiff penalties for any infractions. However, surrogacy experts say that despite the laws in place to ensure that surrogacy does not become a paid business, there are vast grey areas in law and policy that are problematic. Altruistic Surrogacy in Canada Canadian …

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