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Family Law Expert: Making an informed decision

Listening to your Family Law Expert might be your best move Divorce is often described as a “lose-lose” proposition. Although it can be difficult and emotional, divorce can help you make the best of a bad situation. To do so, you must be aware of the impact of your decisions. Talk to a Family Law …

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Resolving Family Law Disputes: Arbitrators and Lawyers

Making sense of Family Law Disputes when using Arbitrators or Lawyers Arbitration, whether as an adjunct to mediation or on its own, has become an extremely popular method of resolving family law disputes. Senior members of the bar, retired judges and mental health professionals all advertise themselves as family law arbitrators. To date, the training …

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Family Law Case and Other Civil Settlements

What’s the difference between a Family Law Case and other settlements? An oft-quoted statistic claims that 95% of family law cases settle. If that is true, it is lawyers and clients who are resolving matters between themselves and not resorting to judicial determinations. What implications does this have for the practice and, more specifically, the …

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How to select a good family mediator-arbitrator

A Good family mediator can go a long way in your case Family law has long been receptive to alternate dispute resolution, and a family mediator and arbitrator is no exception. The hybrid process of mediation-arbitration begins as mediation. If and when an impasse is reached, the mediation terminates and the arbitration commences. Mediator-arbitrators wear …

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Dispute Resolution Mechanisms In Custody and Access

Dispute Resolution in Custody Battles Jennifer Shuber would like to thank Linda Chodos for her assistance in the preparation of these materials, including the careful review of early drafts and the inclusion of commentary on parenting coordination. Clients who seek parenting co-ordination are often considered higher conflict cases, she says. Many people can work out …

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