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How to Make a Divorce Budget

How to Make a Divorce Budget If you’re adjusting to a single-income household, you’re not alone. Many divorcing Canadians feel the pinch when they split from their spouses, and if you’re one of them, it can’t hurt to set up a divorce budget. In fact, your Aurora divorce lawyer might even advise you to do …

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Help! My Ex Won’t Pick Up My Kids

It’s incredibly hard for any parent to see disappointment on a child’s face, but unfortunately, divorce can bring that look home much more frequently. That’s heartbreaking to a mom or dad – especially when it’s because the other parent failed to show up to visit the children. Aside from talking to your Aurora divorce lawyer …

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What Celebrity Divorces Don’t Teach Us

Celebrities are in the limelight all the time, when times are good and when times are bad. With recent news of a Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne split despite being seen recently in a York Region drive-in, as well as two different paths for Neil Young and Pegi Morton Young, there’s a good opportunity for …

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Choosing Your Battles During Divorce

Your Aurora divorce lawyer has probably already told you that keeping your cool under pressure is a good idea, but how do you decide what’s worth fighting over and what you should let go? Choosing Your Battles During Divorce Divorce is a give-and-take situation. It’s important that you and your lawyer carefully evaluate everything that …

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