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What Happens When One Parent Wants To Relocate to a New Location With the Child After a Separation or Divorce?

Many parents do not realize that the community that your child(ren) are born into and are raised to be a part of, whether geographical or social, can play a significant role in parenting issues following the separation and/or divorce of parties, particularly when one party makes the decision to move with the children in tow. …

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Tips on How To Address Holidays and Special Occasions in Parenting Plans

By Jeffrey Mammon, B.A. J.D., Family Law Lawyer Often when parents separate they are more focused on the immediate  “regular” day to day parenting schedule with their children during the school year.   The parents end up spending considerable amount of time,  energy and legal fees negotiating a parenting plan that sets out the “regular schedule” …

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The Enforceability and Application of Religious Marriage Contracts Upon Dissolution of Marriage in Ontario

The Parallels: The Enforceability and Application of Religious Marriage Contracts Upon Dissolution of Marriage in Ontario By: Samah Rahman and Jeffrey Mammon At Gelman & Associates, our family law lawyers have experience in handling family law matters for people of all faiths. In fact, our family law lawyers come from various different backgrounds and faiths …

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Are 50/50 Asset and Property Splits Guaranteed During a Divorce or Separation?

Among couples that undergo a divorce or separation, the division of property varies case to case. While some couples may decide on an equal 50/50 division of property, others may create a more customized structure that works best for their unique circumstances. When an agreement cannot be reached privately, separating or divorcing couples may proceed …

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Narcissists and Divorce

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process that can be significantly more challenging when one of the parties involved exhibits narcissistic traits. Narcissists often engage in manipulative, controlling, and abusive behavior, making the divorce process not only difficult but potentially harmful to the emotional and financial well-being of their partner. In such cases, hiring …

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Common Signs That Your Spouse Or Partner Struggles With Narcissistic Tendencies

What Is Narcissism? ‘Narcissism’ has become somewhat of a catch-all vogue term casually thrown around, particularly in the realm of family law. In our social-media frenzied culture where we all have degrees in Googling and Wikipedia, it has become a popular adjective to describe an ex, while the actual medical diagnosis of “Narcissist Personality Disorder” …

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Navigating Family Day: The Role of Grandparents and Extended Family in Children’s Lives

Family Day is a time to celebrate and cherish the bonds that make our lives richer. For many, this includes the unique relationships children have with their grandparents and extended family members. In family law, recognizing the importance of these relationships is crucial, as they can significantly impact a child’s well-being and development. This blog …

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Ontario Superior Court’s Decision on Unsupervised Parenting Time: A Controversial Ruling?

In a ruling that stirs debate about balancing child safety and parental rights, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted unsupervised parenting time to Christopher Hunt, a father previously convicted of assaulting his daughter. This decision, stemming from the case Hunt v. Hunt (2023 ONSC 5411), highlights the complexities and challenges inherent in family law, …

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Discussing Child Access and Safety Planning During Domestic Violence Cases in Ontario

Safety Planning for Survivors of Domestic Violence We asked Evan Clemence, family lawyer at Gelman & Associates, some commonly asked questions about safety planning for survivors of domestic violence in Ontario. Please be advised that these answers are not intended as legal advice, but rather as an introductory overview on a legal subject. For legal advice …

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