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What is a Paternity Agreement?

The Basics of a Paternity Agreement A “Paternity Agreement” is a type of Domestic Contract.  A Paternity Agreement will typically arise in a situation where parties: have a child or children together; are not married; and are ending the relationship. The Family Law Act of Ontario (FLA) defines a Paternity Agreement as follows: Definitions 1. (1) In this …

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Passport Applications for Children – What’s Different Post-Divorce?

Whether it sneaks up on you every single time or you have it diarized years in advance, passport renewal time is never really something we look forward to.  And when you are separated or divorced, the process can be even more burdensome. Passport Canada has very precise rules about children’s passport applications.  The parent making …

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Family Law Rules: Rule 38- Appeals

RULES THAT APPLY IN APPEALS TO DIVISIONAL COURT AND COURT OF APPEAL 38. (1) Rules 61, 62 and 63 of the Rules of Civil Procedure apply with necessary modifications, including those modifications set out in subrules (2) and (3), (a) if an appeal lies to the Divisional Court or the Court of Appeal; (b) if …

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Family Law Rules: Rule 23- Evidence and trial

TRIAL RECORD 23. (1) At least 30 days before the start of the trial, the applicant shall serve and file a trial record containing a table of contents and the following documents: 1. The application, answer and reply, if any. 2. Any agreed statement of facts. 3. If relevant to an issue at trial, financial …

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Family Law Rules: Rule 22- Admission of facts

MEANING OF ADMISSION THAT DOCUMENT GENUINE 22. (1) An admission that a document is genuine is an admission, (a) if the document is said to be an original, that it was written, signed or sealed as it appears to have been; (b) if it is said to be a copy, that it is a complete …

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Family Law Rules: Rule 1- General

CITATION 1. (1) These rules may be cited as the Family Law Rules. O. Reg. 439/07, s. 1. CASES AND COURTS TO WHICH RULES APPLY (2) These rules apply to all family law cases in the Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice, in the Superior Court of Justice and in the Ontario Court …

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