What Happens When, Post-Divorce, a Parent Changes Their Child’s Name Without the Other Parent’s Permission?

A Nova Scotia court recently explored a dispute between two divorced parents, in which the father claimed that the mother had forged his signature on a government form and changed the last name of their child without his permission. The Name Change: What Happened? The child in question was born in 2009. At the time, …

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Man Sues Woman for “Unplanned Parenthood”-  Claim Dismissed, Woman Awarded Costs

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently upheld the dismissal of a claim filed by a man who sued his former sexual partner after she became pregnant with his child. The man had alleged that the woman had deprived him of being able to choose when to have a child and wanted more than $4 million …

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Parenting & Mental Illness: A Custody Decision

A Manitoba Court recently examined the relationship between mental illness and parenting when it was asked to rule on the issue of custody with respect to the children of a divorced couple who were dealing with the mother’s Delusional Disorder diagnosis and the father’s violent temper. In Ulloa v. Ulloa, the parties each took the position that the …

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Grandparents’ Rights of Access to Grandchildren

We recently highlighted a CBCNews article that discussed the plight of grandparents who have been denied access to their grandchildren after the separation or divorce of their child.  An estimated 75,000 Ontario grandparents have been denied access to about 112,000 children. A private member’s bill that aims to ensure courts give grandparents a chance to make their case …

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Co-Parenting: Is There an App for That?

The term “co-parenting” generally refers to a situation where two parents work together to raise a child even though they are divorced, separated or no longer living together. Co-parenting can be very challenging, even when there is little or no acrimony between the parents.  Managing a child’s appointments, activities, schooling, health, chores, playdates, etc. under one …

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Stepfamilies – Wicked or Wonderful?

Cherished fathers will be celebrated and pampered this coming weekend.  Hugs, cakes, and coupons for lawn-mowing will rule the day on Sunday, June 19th.  But, what about stepfathers?  And, what about stepfamilies (or “blended” families) in general?  In what way are special days like Father’s Day different for them?  Is there a special day just for …

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