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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you’ve lost a loved one or lost your job, this virus has impacted different aspects of people’s lives on a massive scale. 

One of the key impacts COVID-19 has had has been on families structured to have co-parenting duties shared between parents. 

Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19

As you can imagine, the restrictions put into place to limit movement have impacted many of the social arrangements we had before the pandemic. And as you can also imagine, co-parenting during COVID-19 has come with its challenges. 

The limitations that have come with COVID-19 have forced many separated couples to come up with new arrangements without affecting the relationships the child has with both parents. 

In a time like this, all people are susceptible to feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the challenges influenced by the pandemic and the difficulties that can come along with keeping up to restrictions and still keeping the child’s best interest at heart. We’re here to help.

Dealing with Co-Parenting Schedule Changes

Reaching an agreement between two parents on how to go about raising a child can be a challenge and battle of its own, even in the best of times. Reaching a unanimous conclusion can take much work and effort. 

Maintaining the basic COVID-19 safety guidelines means that many co-parenting schedules and arrangements need to be adjusted. 

Suppose you’re still in the process of drawing up a more updated co-parenting arrangement between yourself and the other parent. In that case, you may need to consider that priorities related to the child’s well-being may change. For instance, knowing that the child is now confined to their home and continues their schooling from home means that more emphasis and support must go into the child’s schoolwork and schooling support structure. 

You also need to work around placing the child in a space that would allow them freedom and stability to still enjoy child-like privileges like playing outside but be in a space organized enough to encourage them to learn. 

Observing Health and Safety Guidelines

During your co-parenting COVID-19 time, adhering to safety regulations is crucial. You want to ensure that both you and the other parent are taking this seriously and making an effort to stop the spread of the disease. 

Children should constantly be educated and reminded about the health and safety guidelines. Practise these guidelines yourself as you teach your children, including:

  • Washing your hands often
  • Sanitizing your surfaces
  • Keeping a social distance

Make sure you establish a strong foundation in communication with the other parent. This allows you to share with one another important events, such as if one of you has contracted the virus, come in contact with someone who has or is showing signs of having the virus.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

This is the time for people to show support to one another in various ways, and children need constant reassurance, especially during times of big changes.

Being there for your children and others can feel overwhelming and emotionally taxing at times. This is why your mental health has to take first priority so that you can provide that support structure that others may need. If need be, seek the help of a mental health professional to aid you in maintaining a healthy mental space and provide guidance on how you can provide the proper support structure for your child. 

Co-Parenting Checklist During The Pandemic

  • Communication between you, the other parent, and the child needs to be clear at all times. Ensure you are all on the same page by confirming information as often as needed.
  • Utilize whatever means of communication as you like, such as texting, emailing, video chats, etc. 
  • You still want to maintain healthy boundaries. A co-parenting pandemic schedule could include having the other parent contact the child daily to provide support and reassurance instead of having in-person meetings. 
  • In case of an emergency, make sure both parents have contact details for an emergency contact in case you cannot get a hold of the other. 
Parenting Time Arrangements
  • To maintain health and safety guidelines, it’s best to restrict too much movement between locations. Perhaps you can have the child stay with one parent on weekdays and visit the other on weekends. 
  • Make sure to restrict using forms of transport that would expose either of you to too many people. If you must use public transportation, make sure to wear your mask, sanitize frequently, and maintain social distancing. 
  • Ensure that all relevant parties are informed about the new parenting time arrangement to avoid any misunderstandings and conflict. 
  • If possible, try to limit your child’s exposure to other people. 
  • Always sanitize all belongings and avoid taking things like toys into public spaces.
Travel, Vacations, Holiday, and Special Days
  • Holidays and vacations should be on hold until further notice. 
  • Special days should be celebrated with a minimal number of people in accordance with the rules and restrictions set by the local government. 
  • Avoid travelling with children to protect them from being exposed to others. 


Pro tip: Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19

The key to a successful divorce is making your child’s security and sense of stability a priority.


Document Everything With a Family Law Lawyer

Now that we’ve established that your co-parenting schedule during the pandemic is going to change, always have every detail of your new agreement written down. The use of a mediator or attorney can assist you in drafting an updated schedule that stipulates the amended plan. It’s the responsible thing to do, especially when dealing with a parent that isn’t easy to cooperate with. 

If you’re looking for any recommendations, you can work with us at Gelman and Associates. We can help you with your co-parenting agreement and ensure a smooth experience while keeping your child’s best interests at heart. So contact us now.

Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19 FAQs

FAQ: Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19

Once a child is 12 years old, the court considers the wishes of the child in who they would like to live with.

Both parents have equal rights when it comes to co-parenting arrangements. Even during a custody dispute, mothers are not favored over fathers.

A father has the right to maintain his child and have a relationship with his child regardless of the circumstances.

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