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Marriage and family are central to most major world religions—but what happens when your ex marries outside your common faith and subjects your kids to outside influences? Since you cannot control what he or she does, what rights do you have? When faith is involved, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. In some cases, people resolve their issues simply by communicating with their exes. If you can’t, you’ll have to dig your North York divorce lawyer’s number out of your address book and get reinforcement.

Family Traditions and Holiday Celebrations

No matter what religion you practice, you may have family traditions built around it. So does your ex’s new spouse—and your kids are likely to be included in them. If you’re not comfortable with that, let your ex know; chances are, he or she had a few initial reservations as well.

Church Attendance

Whether your spouse holds the same religious beliefs or has converted to his or her new spouse’s religion, your kids might have to attend church services while they’re all together. This can be especially tough when the two religions—yours and your ex’s spouse’s—are at odds with one another. Discuss church attendance with your spouse and with your kids, but avoid putting them in the middle.

You might reinforce your own religious beliefs at home by reading from religious texts, participating in church-related activities or having thoughtful discussions with your children. However, if you feel your family’s belief system is being compromised, you might need to call the North York divorce lawyer who handled your original custody agreement for advice on improving the situation.

When to Call Your North York Divorce Lawyer

If you feel your ex is steering your kids down the wrong path, try to discuss your feelings honestly and openly. You might meet with some resistance, but if you don’t get combative, your ex is more likely to listen to your concerns and may make the necessary adjustments. However, any time you feel that your kids are in danger, call your North York divorce lawyer right away.