Failure to Ensure Procedural Fairness in Arbitration is Denial of Natural Justice

An Ontario court recently considered whether or not it should overturn an arbitration award because one of the parties only received notice that mobility was an issue the day before the arbitration commenced.   Background The parties were married in May 2003 and separated in January 2011. They had three children together. In 2013, the …

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Same-Sex Parent Denied Temporary Access to Child

An Ontario court recently dismissed a same-sex parent’s application for temporary access.   What Happened? The parties, S and H, were both 18 years old. They had an intermittent, same-sex romantic relationship since at least 2014. S became pregnant with a child while she was in a relationship with her then boyfriend. The child was …

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Sperm Donor Who Donated to Lesbian Couple is Denied Parental Rights

A recent decision by an appeal court in New York state has denied a sperm donor’s request to have a paternity test in order to be recognized as a child’s legal parent, noting that “biology is not dispositive in a court’s paternity determination.” What Happened? A man in question donated sperm to two lesbian women …

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