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Recognizing Your Emotional Low Spots During Divorce

We all have times we feel less capable than we really are, especially during divorce. It’s easy to beat yourself up and feel like you’re unable to deal with the curve balls life is throwing at you. But why are some times easier than others? Is there a way to head off your emotional low …

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Dealing with a Dramatic Ex

When your soon-to-be ex thrives on drama, every day can seem like an endless stream of torment. Whether you’re getting angry phone calls, harassing text messages or personal messages from your ex through your children, it’s never easy to deal with someone who specializes in creating drama everywhere he or she goes. Dramatic people often …

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My Divorce is My Fault

When you blame yourself for your divorce, you’re subjecting yourself to a lot of mental anguish—and while you may think you deserve it, it’s not very healthy to shoulder all of that guilt. Even if your divorce is largely your own doing, forgiving yourself is the first step toward leading a happier, mentally healthier life. …

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Setting Up New Bank Accounts During Divorce

Many married couples maintain joint bank accounts to simplify the process of paying bills, grocery shopping and handling kids’ expenses. However, things can get complicated pretty quickly when those couples decide to go their separate ways. If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have already started the process, you’ll need to start establishing your …

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What to Do When You Miss Your Kids

When you’re a divorced parent, missing your kids is just par for the course. Naturally, knowing that doesn’t make you feel any less lonely when they’re not with you—but it can help you keep things in perspective until you see them again. You may feel like there’s a part of you missing when your children …

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Coping with an Addicted Spouse: Is Divorce Inevitable?

You’ve heard it before: addiction is a disease. But its effects are far-reaching—perhaps more far-reaching than any other disease. Once-happy families can erode over time, even after therapy, treatment and repeated attempts to make things work. Eventually, many people with an addicted spouse end up in a Barrie divorce lawyer’s office… but is divorce really …

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Is Arguing Bad in a Relationship?

Every couple fights. Differences of opinion are healthy, and they can lead to productive changes that make both parties happier in the end. That’s pretty standard for marriages everywhere—but psychologists suggest that it’s how you fight that determines whether you grow old together or end up in front of a Barrie divorce lawyer. You Say …

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Celebrity Divorce: Cautionary Tales

While your Barrie divorce lawyer can tell you the right way to handle certain situations, nothing quite illustrates the wrong way like an 8-inch by 10-inch glossy in the middle of a magazine or a video clip of a celebrity couple airing their dirty laundry in front of the world. Whirlwind romances, lavish weddings and …

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Homework in Two Households

When your kids go back and forth between two households, it’s easy to lose a few things in the shuffle. Although the custody agreement that you, your ex and your Barrie divorce lawyer worked out will become routine for your whole family, it’s important that you and your ex provide your kids with as much …

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Step-Parent Etiquette

Being a step-parent is tough; it’s equally tough being a biological parent whose children have a step-parent. Your Barrie divorce lawyer would inform you that sticky situations are commonplace when you are part of a blended family, so finding a way to deal with them—fast—is the best route to take. Most experts suggest having an …

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