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Deciding Custody & Access: Part Science and Part Art

Justice Sloan of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently observed that, Deciding the custody and access of children is part science and part art. In Henderson v. Cayuga, Justice Sloan was asked to rule on a motion with respect to the residency schedule of a 4-year-old girl, Sophie.   Sophie’s father expressed serious concerns about …

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How Much is Too Much?

How much money is too much money to spend battling your ex?  How much time is too much time to spend battling your ex?  How much conflict is too much conflict to endure while you battle your ex? A Cautionary Tale for Parents M. v. F., a 2015 decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, …

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Parenting Time: An Honest Desire to Spend More Visitation Time with Children Isn’t Always Enough

In a recent decision of the Ontario Court of Justice, the Court denied a father expanded access to his two young children despite the fact that the Court accepted the father’s assertion that he legitimately wanted to spend more time with his kids.  Not only did the Court deny the father’s motion for greater access, …

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