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How to Deal with Angry Ex-In-Laws

During a divorce, it’s not uncommon to deal with the whole spectrum of emotions – and that goes for everyone involved. You, your ex-spouse, and your immediate families are all affected by the split. That means in-laws, too, and whether or not you wanted the divorce, your ex’s parents might be pretty angry over the …

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What to do When Your Ex Won’t Let You See Your Children

Divorce is an emotionally trying time, and when your ex-spouse is making things more difficult by keeping your children out of reach, it’s incredibly stressful. It’s important that you talk to your Brampton divorce lawyer immediately if your ex won’t let you see your children; there may be a legal remedy that helps keep your …

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Quick Mood-Boosters for Divorcing Women

Divorce takes a huge emotional toll on everyone involved, and sometimes it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You and your ex may disagree on things such as child custody, division of property and other issues, which makes things even more difficult. When the stress becomes overwhelming, there are a …

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5 Symptoms of Divorce-Related Depression

Depression is an incredibly difficult illness to deal with, and a number of things can trigger it – including an impending divorce. Unfortunately, many people who are going through divorce don’t realize that they’re also suffering from depression; there is help available, including therapy, that can relieve the symptoms and make coping with everyday tasks …

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Fighting with Your Ex – Is it Really Worth It?

When a marriage ends, the stress of communicating with each other can be overwhelming. Emotions run high during divorce, but for your own sake, it’s wise to keep the stress to a minimum… but that’s easier said than done. Relying on Your Brampton Divorce Lawyer Many people choose to leave communication to their Brampton divorce …

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