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I Miss My Ex

After spending years, or even decades, with your spouse, it’s hard to stop caring – even if you’re going through a divorce. No matter how angry you get, how hurt you are or how eager you are to split up, you may still miss your ex for quite some time. The good news? You don’t …

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Losing Your Best Friend to Divorce

When your spouse is your best friend and he or she wants a divorce, you’re hit with an incredible amount of stress. You may be struggling to cope with feelings of betrayal, mourning the loss of your relationship and wondering where to turn. While your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer can help you with the legal …

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When Your Ex Finds Someone New: Helping Kids Cope

When your ex finds someone new, particularly if you are still married, it’s hard to deal with the flood of emotions. Even if your marriage was emotionally exhausting and you were glad it was over, it can still be tough to see your ex moving on. It’s not only difficult for you, though; your children …

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How to Cope with Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a pretty common phenomenon in most households, but kids of divorce have more to compete for: their parents’ attention on borrowed time. Since custody agreements divide the amount of time each parent gets to spend with children, kids often battle over who gets the most attention in each home—and this can be …

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Diving into the Dating Pool after Divorce

Once your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer has handed you a divorce certificate, you’re free to explore your dating options. Your best friend may be itching to set you up on a blind date, take you to the hottest club or introduce you to her mother’s uncle’s best friend’s son—but don’t dive headfirst into the pool …

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Brown Bag Lunch? Not Today!

Between meetings with your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer, work and other obligations, you’re stretched pretty thin—but that doesn’t mean the contents of your brown bag lunch have to be boring. In fact, good food is a mood-booster, and it can perk up your spirits when you’re going through a rough spot. These time- and money-saving …

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Caution: Visitors Day Ahead

Since you share children with your ex-spouse, you’ve probably already resigned yourself to the fact that you two will have to see each other from time to time. Aside from the daily pick-ups and drop-offs outlined in your custody agreement, you’ll probably meet at parent-teacher conferences, school plays and even Visitors’ Day at camp. While …

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