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Legal Guardianship

What is a Legal Guardian? A guardian is accountable for the care and raising of their kid. Parental duties and parenting time might only be given to a guardian. According to the Family Law Act, both parents will continue to be guardians of their children after their divorce, and both will have parenting time and …

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Paternity Issues & Disputes

Taking paternity action can be a stressful and taxing time for either the mother or father of a child. Because it involves the parents and child, paternity dispute verdicts can have life-changing impacts on all parties involved. For this reason, such processes should not be taken lightly.  Understanding how such processes work can make a …

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Father’s Rights

Since many parents are divorced or unmarried today, it is becoming more common for fathers to be involved in child-rearing and family planning. When a relationship ends and separation follows, the priority is always the stability and safety of any children involved.  Some may believe that a father will never get custody of his child. …

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Procedural Fairness

Procedural Fairness In Divorce In accordance with the law, family courts must administer justice equally and without discrimination. In some cases, however, lawyers and judges still construct recommendations or decisions based on outdated stereotypes. Fortunately, there are judges who support procedural fairness and write decisions that uphold the right to procedural fairness. This is because …

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Power of Attorney

Family Lawyers Advising on Power of Attorney A valid, up to date power of attorney is an important estate planning tool that can ensure that your finances and your health are protected should you become incapable of making important decisions about these matters. Most people believe that if something happens to them and they are …

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Succession Planning

Family Lawyers Advising Business Owners on Succession Planning If you are an entrepreneur or own a family business you should have a succession plan in place to ensure a continuous transition of the business in the event of your retirement, a long-term illness, an accident, or death. Neglecting this important planning step can leave your …

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Toronto Family Lawyers Advising on Wills and Estate Planning A will is one of the most important documents a person can ever prepare in their lifetime. Having a valid up to date will is critical in maintaining control over your assets, ensuring that children, spouses and other family members and loved ones are taken care …

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Estate Planning

Family Lawyers Advising on Estate Planning Proactive estate planning, including preparing a will and a power of attorney is critical step in effectively managing and distributing your wealth and in ensuring that your spouse, children, and other loved ones are taken care of if something were to happen to you. Estate planning can be daunting …

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Narcissistic Exes

Dealing with a Narcissistic Ex Going through a separation or divorce is never easy, and it’s even worse when an ex is a narcissist.  Because narcissists often initially come across as model citizens, often even charming, the spouse of a narcissist might not have initially picked up on the narcissism. Slowly, though, the façade melts …

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Divorce and Social Media

Family Lawyers Advising on Divorce and Social Media It has become commonplace for people document nearly every aspect of their lives on social media.  Checking into a popular restaurant on Facebook and later posting a photo to Instagram, commenting on a topic on Twitter, or posting about a business endeavour on LinkedIn have become ubiquitous …

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