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Are Divorcing Dads the Underdog?

In the past, being a man automatically made you the underdog during a divorce case; courts were more likely to award custody to mothers without considering any extenuating circumstances because it was widely believed that kids were simply “better off” that way—but that’s changing. In fact, your Toronto divorce lawyer can probably cite dozens of …

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Did Money Matter(s) Before Marriage?

Your grandmother may have told you not to get married until you could talk about money—and if you followed her advice, you were probably better prepared to take the leap than most. Money is one of the most sensitive subjects a couple can broach, and it’s the cause of a whole host of problems during …

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Coping with a Controlling Ex

Many people with controlling exes once had controlling spouses. In fact, that’s what landed many of them in a Toronto divorce lawyer’s office in the first place. Since you are either in the process of a divorce or you’re already on your own, it’s reasonable to expect your ex will back off. But what if …

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Parenting Plans – Are They Just What You Need?

During or after a divorce, co-parenting can be tough. It’s hard to keep both parents on the same page when it comes to kids’ schedules, healthcare and mutual decision-making, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your Toronto divorce lawyer may suggest that you and your ex create a parenting plan that will help …

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Ready to Date? Where to Begin?

Once your Toronto divorce lawyer has helped you obtain your divorce, you have a green light to jump back into the dating pool. The question is, are you ready to make a romantic connection? If you are, how do you even begin to find people you’re interested in dating? Dating is Different Now—So How Do …

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Divorcing an ill Spouse

Many people put off getting a divorce—even when it’s inevitable—for a variety of reasons. However, that’s often to their detriment. Staying in an unhappy marriage, particularly if it’s causing you an unbearable amount of stress, can create deep-seated resentment and anger issues. In some cases, you’re far better off discussing your options with a Toronto …

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Handling Awkward Occasions with Your Ex

Once you’ve talked to a Toronto divorce lawyer and started the process of ending your marriage, things can get a bit awkward between you and your soon-to-be ex—particularly when you share children and are both expected to attend their events. Whether your daughter has a part in the school play, your son is showing his …

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Should I Quit My Job During Divorce?

During your divorce, you’ll probably come up with several “what-if” scenarios that are worth discussing with your Toronto divorce lawyer; most people do. What if you sold the house and moved into an apartment? What if you packed up the kids and moved across the country? What if you quit your job? Running through potential …

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Revealing to Your Kids That You Are Gay

Many people worry about the consequences of coming out to family, friends and the general public. Let’s face it: some people just don’t understand. As far as we’ve progressed, there are still people who get hung up on anything that isn’t “mainstream,” and that can cause you to worry about whether your own kids will …

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Divorce Tricks That People Play

If you asked ten formerly married people how to behave during the divorce process, you’d probably get ten different answers. You might find a handful who believe it’s okay to be sneaky and underhanded during a divorce; likewise, you’d probably discover that others suggest finding a Toronto divorce lawyer who insists upon openness and fairness …

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