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Explaining Divorce to Your Teen

Many parents have a hard time explaining divorce to teenagers. Once you’ve overcome the first hurdle—telling them that you and your spouse are divorcing—you’ll need to explain the situation effectively. Psychologists recommend giving adolescents only the information they need while reassuring them that both parent-child relationships will remain intact. How Your Toronto Divorce Lawyer Can …

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Should I Have Forseen My Divorce

Divorce leaves many people wondering if they should’ve seen it coming. Often, divorce comes as a surprise—even to people who know their marriages aren’t happy. Once your spouse has broken the news and you’ve found a Toronto divorce lawyer, you’ll have time to reflect: could you have seen the signs, and if you had, could …

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Managing Your Career During Divorce

Divorce is a time of emotional upheaval for most people. Many find it difficult to maintain their pre-divorce levels of focus when it comes to work and other obligations, but this might be the most important time to do so. Since divorce often has a financial impact on both parties, you can’t afford to let …

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Kids Coping with Abandonment Anxiety

During your divorce, your kids will inevitably have to deal with change. Usually, divorce requires kids to adjust to being part of a child custody agreement. In some cases, such as when one parent moves too far away for regular visits to take place, kids have to cope with what seems like a permanent loss. …

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My Parent is Dating Someone Younger Than Me

Whether your parents are in the middle of a divorce or they’ve already hashed it all out with their Toronto divorce lawyers, they might be headed back into the dating pool. As long as they’re not dating too soon (before their Toronto divorce lawyer has given them the green light), there’s no harm in that. …

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To Tell the Truth: Honesty, Your Kids and Divorce

Lots of parents struggle with kids’ questions about divorce. In many cases, as soon as kids find out a parent has talked to a Toronto divorce lawyer they start asking for answers. How truthful do divorcing parents need to be? Can you leave out the sordid details, or should you divulge them? Unfortunately, there’s no “right” …

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Is Mediation for You?

Most people find negotiating a fair settlement tough during divorce. Anger, hurt and resentment often cloud the real issues, like who’s responsible for which debts, who gets the house and other assets, and even who gets to pick up the kids from school on holiday weekends. While this is normal, these issues don’t have to …

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Words and Actions: Your Children Are Watching You

Kids are like little sponges. They absorb everything you say and do, and often, they try to emulate your behaviours. Even when they don’t copy your actions, they’re learning about social interactions by the way you conduct yours. During a divorce, it’s often tempting to give in to your emotions and act out of anger, …

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Going Back to School After a Divorce

Many people view divorce as a fresh start. In fact, after your Toronto divorce lawyer helps you obtain your divorce, you’re free to do anything you’d like—and that can include going back to school. Whether you’re ready for a career change or you simply never finished school to begin with, this might be the perfect …

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Creative Ways to Acknowledge Your Divorce

When your divorce is granted, what will you do? Will you join the ranks of celebrities like Jack White and Katy Perry by throwing a big bash, or will you spend your time quietly reflecting on your life? Will you send out divorce announcements or have a memorial service for your wedding ring? The end of …

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