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Help! My Ex is Getting Remarried

Once your North York divorce lawyer has helped you obtain your divorce, you instantly gained the freedom to remarry. So did your now-former spouse… but you didn’t expect him or her to take advantage of that freedom so soon. It can really hurt when an ex gets remarried; on top of that, it can throw …

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Does an Unhappy Marriage Equal Unhappy Kids?

If you asked two different people whether an unhappy marriage equals unhappy kids, you’d probably get two different answers. Some people believe that kids would rather see parents together and unhappy then separate and happy, while others feel that the opposite is true. Who’s right? What Child Psychologists Say It’s a well-documented fact that it’s …

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My Ex Maxed Out My Credit Cards During Divorce

It’s unfortunate, but it happens: one spouse takes advantage of the other during a divorce and drains the family’s financial resources by making selfish, and often unjustifiable, purchases. When this happens, your credit can suffer serious damage that’s not always easy to repair. The first step is to call your North York divorce lawyer as …

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Paper Trails: How Creating Them Can Help You in Court

During your divorce, your North York divorce lawyer might advise you to keep a journal, hold on to receipts or file away bills, statements and other financial information. That’s because a paper trail—evidence of what has happened and when—can be an invaluable asset in putting together your case. Having an accurate picture of your everyday …

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Navigating Funerals with Your Ex

Funerals are stressful enough without having to see your ex-spouse, but unfortunately, sometimes that’s inevitable. If a family member or close friend has passed, you and your spouse may both want to pay your respects. Whether you’ve been divorced for ages or you’re still working with a North York divorce lawyer, you might have a …

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Personal Budgeting: Living Within Your Means

During divorce, your financial situation will most likely change. Whether you’re accustomed to living on one income or two, you’ll become solely responsible for providing for your own household. Of course, your North York divorce lawyer will work to get you the child support and spousal support you deserve—but avoiding major purchases, creating a budget …

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Divorced Parent: End of the Marriage, Beginning of Guilt

Many parents going through divorce experience immense guilt. Sometimes it starts as they contemplate divorce, after they’ve contacted a North York divorce lawyer or at some other point during the proceedings. It’s normal for guilt-wracked moms and dads to want to buy their kids lavish gifts, allow them to squeak by on chores or be …

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The Role of the Nanny in Your Divorce

During your divorce, you might realize that you value your nanny more than ever. However, couples who employ a nanny have a unique set of considerations—including who gets “custody” of the nanny and how your children will adjust with the nanny’s help. Your North York divorce lawyer can help you come up with a child …

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Surviving Separation While Living in the Same House

Many separated couples choose to continue living in the same house while ending their marriage. Some couples decide to share a roof for financial reasons, while others feel the transition will be easier on the family if they cohabitate until the divorce process is over. Since every case is different, discuss your options with your …

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Avoid Being Seen as the Disney Parent

When you don’t spend as much time with your kids as you’d like, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of what some experts call Disney parenting. Your North York divorce lawyer has likely seen several cases in which the non-custodial parent tries to make each visit top the last. While it’s okay to …

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