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Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you’ve lost a loved one or lost your job, this virus has impacted different aspects of people’s lives on a massive scale.  One of the key impacts COVID-19 has had has been on families structured to have co-parenting duties shared between parents.  As you …

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Is Social Media Safe for Your Kids?

Are you struggling to find balance between providing your kids with the best and latest things in life while trying to save your children from being swallowed by the trends and demands of social media and peer pressure? Well, you’re not alone. With each new child suicide case caused by cyberbullying or every new case …

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A Guide For New Parents on How To Write A Living Will

Making a living will is probably not as much fun as filling up a baby registry when you’re a new parent. It might, however, be the first step toward becoming a parent. There’s no right or wrong moment to prepare a living will. Even so, putting one together as soon as possible, especially if you …

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