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British Columbia Court Issues Order Declaring Child To Have Three Parents In Polyamorous Relationship

A decision from the Supreme Court of British Columbia has been making headlines after the court held that three members of a polyamorous relationship can be registered as a child’s official parents, giving hope to others people in similar relationships across Canada. What is a polyamorous relationship? A polyamorous relationship is one in which three …

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Court Denies Adjournment Request Due To Missed Appearance

One of the smaller impacts COID-19 has had on family law is the underscoring of how backlogged the courts are with family law cases, and how parties involved in intense bickering and litigation can clog up the courts, preventing other matters from being heard quickly, and eating up both the parties’ resources as well as …

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Court Pierces Corporate Veil In Order To Provide Spousal Support

One of the reasons people may incorporate a company is to shield themselves from personal liability should the company be sued or go bankrupt. This protection that shields the owner of a company is known as the “corporate veil.” “Lifting” or “piercing” the corporate veil can be difficult to do, but as we see in …

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